Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Update on Babies

Licorice, Buttercup, Root Beer Float, and Peppercorn have all found their new furever homes. Congrats to their new moms and dads. Marshmallow, Oreo and Lulu have been rebred for August kidding with Flash Gordon Junior as the sire. We are hopeful for a lot of color from these match ups.

Snickerdoodle had one single doe March 7th. Sir Buckington is her sire and together they threw a beautiful coloration on Sugar who is mostly white with subtle undertones of color.  She looks to be a creamy buckskin it will be interesting to see if she darkens much as she matures or not. She has been reserved by Abby Fokken who will also be taking Snickerdoodle with her to take advantage of fresh goats milk for her and her family.

3 days later S'more kidded twin bucklings sired by Flash Gordon Junior. We got one that is S'mores look-a-like and the other is spitting image of daddy. We will be keeping Flash Gordon the Third(TT) as a new sire when he is of age, and Look-a-like has been reserved to be a wether companion to Kyla Olson's current wether Hank who Look-a-like also happens to look similar to.

We are so happy for the joys this spring kidding had brought and cannot wait for round two. We do have a waiting list if you are interested in future kids as they come available. Leave us your name, the best number to reach you at, if you accept texts or pictures, along with the number and gender of kid(s) you are wanting.

We bred a Nigerian Dwarf Doe for our neighbor as well and there are two bucklings available. If interested comment, email us, or call/text 435-554-8441.