Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Update on Babies

Licorice, Buttercup, Root Beer Float, and Peppercorn have all found their new furever homes. Congrats to their new moms and dads. Marshmallow, Oreo and Lulu have been rebred for August kidding with Flash Gordon Junior as the sire. We are hopeful for a lot of color from these match ups.

Snickerdoodle had one single doe March 7th. Sir Buckington is her sire and together they threw a beautiful coloration on Sugar who is mostly white with subtle undertones of color.  She looks to be a creamy buckskin it will be interesting to see if she darkens much as she matures or not. She has been reserved by Abby Fokken who will also be taking Snickerdoodle with her to take advantage of fresh goats milk for her and her family.

3 days later S'more kidded twin bucklings sired by Flash Gordon Junior. We got one that is S'mores look-a-like and the other is spitting image of daddy. We will be keeping Flash Gordon the Third(TT) as a new sire when he is of age, and Look-a-like has been reserved to be a wether companion to Kyla Olson's current wether Hank who Look-a-like also happens to look similar to.

We are so happy for the joys this spring kidding had brought and cannot wait for round two. We do have a waiting list if you are interested in future kids as they come available. Leave us your name, the best number to reach you at, if you accept texts or pictures, along with the number and gender of kid(s) you are wanting.

We bred a Nigerian Dwarf Doe for our neighbor as well and there are two bucklings available. If interested comment, email us, or call/text 435-554-8441.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Updates on babies and photos

As of today Lulu's babies are 1 week and 2 days old! They are so playful, they jump all over each other, Lulu, and Licorice has discovered a new trick jumping into the hay boxes. Licorice is a little ham and LOVES attention if you in there she is a little show off. Buttercup is a little more reserved and a little bit shy but very sweet once she warms up to the thought of you being there. 
Little Buttercup


Licorice and Peppercorn are inseparable

Licorices new trick!

Marshmallow and Oreo's babies will be 1 week tomorrow. Peppercorn is the surviving twin and so teeny! She is painfully shy and I can't hardly get a good picture of her on her own. However, she and Licorice ADORE each other and are the best of friends. We will have to sell them together I think because they won't want to leave each other. She is so sweet and is starting to spring around on her legs now. Root Beer Float is a one man show! She has the biggest personality! She is so photogenic and loves the camera! She is so sweet and lovey and loves to use those springy baby goat legs. Since the last post, Oreo and Root Beer were in the crate, we have turned it on it's side to block them from the others but give them space and Root Beer has used that to her full advantage.

These are the best photos I can get of Peppercorn alone

You can see me!

Root Beer Float is so photogenic

Look at this cute Root Beer

Buttercup and Peppercorn thinking mom's food looks better
Root Beer wanted to give mom's food a try too

Licorice left, Peppercorn middle, and Buttercup right
Look how teeny Peppercorn is!

Marshmallow is a new mom! Plus SURPRISE!

January 14th turned out to be an interesting night here and at Red Rock Ranch. Curt had been working crazy and long hours pushing snow for a string of several storms here in Extreme Northern Utah. He was on his way home from work, I had started dinner and I was letting Nakita and Leo out for a bathroom break. The girls were being extra quiet so I went down to go give a quick check. I saw Marshmallow standing with a baby running around her legs! So I ran back to the house got Nakita and Leo back inside, called Curt, shut off the stove, grabbed baby gear and left my phone for Lizzi and McKenna to talk to daddy while I ran back to Marshmallow. I opened the door to the kidding area and there was another baby laying motionless and the other baby running around momma's legs trying to find a teat. I ran the baby back inside and tried to warm her up and revive her.. no such luck she was dead by the time I got to her and I just had wishful thinking of saving her. While I was inside Curt went back to check on Marshmallow she had let the other doeling latch. However he came back to the house breathless telling me Oreo decided to kid as well! I didn't think she was due for another week!
So I ran back outside to help her and make sure everything was ok. Especially since she was with the rest of the herd instead of in the warm kidding area with the other mommas. I asked Curt to call our neighbor and see if she could come be inside with our girls while Curt and I worked out our new situation. Oreo had a little doeling all cleaned off looking for a teat. Oreo had stressed herself out  and was running all around with the afterbirth hanging from her. She also looked exceptionally bloody and I needed to check her. I was worried that it was a kid stuck or something was seriously wrong. So we caught her and her baby got them in the kidding area, Oreo was more interested in eating and continuously cleaning her baby, than letting her baby eat. I was worried we were going to have a bottle baby on our hands. I got Curt to hold Oreo still and I stuck my hand in to feel if there was another baby. She was empty so no baby but she did have a small prolapse, I was able to get it back in and she is healing very well. We tried to hold her still so baby could latch and it just wasn't happening. We needed to get our girls in bed so we left them alone for a while to see if they could figure things out.
We got the girls to bed ate dinner ourselves and tried to relax and not stress about the mommas too much. After we got McKenna in bed I went back out to check on how everyone was doing and Oreo and Marshmallow were having a huge fight. It turns out the Oreo happened to have her baby as well as Marshmallow's behind her and Marshmallow obviously wanted her baby. So I picked up her baby and gave her to her and pushed them apart. That only worked about 60 seconds and they were back at it. I am thinking it's because they were separated and now didn't want the other near their baby. So I called Curt and told him we needed to separate them some how so they didn't squish babies or hurt each other. So trying to do something quickly for the night, so we got the dog crate and put Oreo and her baby in there to protect everyone for the night. Oreo finally let baby latch and I wasn't worried anymore we went to bed in peace.
Meet Marshmallow's baby Peppercorn

Meet Oreo's baby Root Beer Float




Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float

Peppercorn, Buttercup and Licorice

Root Beer Float

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lulu Lollipop is a new mom!

Lulu had her babies January 11th at 1pm. I had gotten back from visiting some women in town and went out to check on the girls, yet again, Lulu was laying down so I got a closer look and she was pushing a baby out. So I ran back inside grabbed my birthing gear and ran back to her. She pushed first baby out with no issues and started cleaning her immediately a little black and white doe; Licorice looks just like Lulu's mom Lafawnduh. Lulu got up and was cleaning her off some more and I thought it looked like she was still in labor but she was standing acting fine. Then she laid back down and started grunting here was coming number two! She did even better with the second one. Another little girl a little mini version of Lulu. This time Lulu laid there for a while but she seemed to have settled so I was trying to decide if there was a third or if she was done. Sure enough after she cleaned Buttercup off she stood again and there was the afterbirth. She did so well I was so proud and the little babes latched with no problems and Lulu is very attentive. She is such a good mommy and I am so happy with that because she is a little skittish and I wasn't sure how she was going to react about babies but she is perfect. Marshmallow should be kidding within a week as well and I am so excited to see what her babies look like because she is so much lighter than Lulu.

Right after Licorice was born, Marshmallow wanted to help a little

Cleaning off Licorice


Trying to find the teat

Right after Buttercup was born

Cleaning off Buttercup, Licorice still just wants the teat

Final cleaning of Buttercup, Licorice still trying to find somewhere to eat

Snuggles before mom stands up

Buttercup trying out her legs

Buttercup and Licorice

Licorice figured it out, Buttercup is in the wrong area 

Mom checking out babies and Marshmallow trying to get my attention because she was feeling left out

This is Lafawnduh, Lulu and Marshmallows mom. Licorice's look a like

the cute fluffy family



Lizzi with Licorice

Lulu making sure everything is on the up and up

Lizzi wanted to pet Buttercup


Licorice snuggled in snoozing

Buttercup taking her snoozing turn