Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lulu Lollipop is a new mom!

Lulu had her babies January 11th at 1pm. I had gotten back from visiting some women in town and went out to check on the girls, yet again, Lulu was laying down so I got a closer look and she was pushing a baby out. So I ran back inside grabbed my birthing gear and ran back to her. She pushed first baby out with no issues and started cleaning her immediately a little black and white doe; Licorice looks just like Lulu's mom Lafawnduh. Lulu got up and was cleaning her off some more and I thought it looked like she was still in labor but she was standing acting fine. Then she laid back down and started grunting here was coming number two! She did even better with the second one. Another little girl a little mini version of Lulu. This time Lulu laid there for a while but she seemed to have settled so I was trying to decide if there was a third or if she was done. Sure enough after she cleaned Buttercup off she stood again and there was the afterbirth. She did so well I was so proud and the little babes latched with no problems and Lulu is very attentive. She is such a good mommy and I am so happy with that because she is a little skittish and I wasn't sure how she was going to react about babies but she is perfect. Marshmallow should be kidding within a week as well and I am so excited to see what her babies look like because she is so much lighter than Lulu.

Right after Licorice was born, Marshmallow wanted to help a little

Cleaning off Licorice


Trying to find the teat

Right after Buttercup was born

Cleaning off Buttercup, Licorice still just wants the teat

Final cleaning of Buttercup, Licorice still trying to find somewhere to eat

Snuggles before mom stands up

Buttercup trying out her legs

Buttercup and Licorice

Licorice figured it out, Buttercup is in the wrong area 

Mom checking out babies and Marshmallow trying to get my attention because she was feeling left out

This is Lafawnduh, Lulu and Marshmallows mom. Licorice's look a like

the cute fluffy family



Lizzi with Licorice

Lulu making sure everything is on the up and up

Lizzi wanted to pet Buttercup


Licorice snuggled in snoozing

Buttercup taking her snoozing turn

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