Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Updates on babies and photos

As of today Lulu's babies are 1 week and 2 days old! They are so playful, they jump all over each other, Lulu, and Licorice has discovered a new trick jumping into the hay boxes. Licorice is a little ham and LOVES attention if you in there she is a little show off. Buttercup is a little more reserved and a little bit shy but very sweet once she warms up to the thought of you being there. 
Little Buttercup


Licorice and Peppercorn are inseparable

Licorices new trick!

Marshmallow and Oreo's babies will be 1 week tomorrow. Peppercorn is the surviving twin and so teeny! She is painfully shy and I can't hardly get a good picture of her on her own. However, she and Licorice ADORE each other and are the best of friends. We will have to sell them together I think because they won't want to leave each other. She is so sweet and is starting to spring around on her legs now. Root Beer Float is a one man show! She has the biggest personality! She is so photogenic and loves the camera! She is so sweet and lovey and loves to use those springy baby goat legs. Since the last post, Oreo and Root Beer were in the crate, we have turned it on it's side to block them from the others but give them space and Root Beer has used that to her full advantage.

These are the best photos I can get of Peppercorn alone

You can see me!

Root Beer Float is so photogenic

Look at this cute Root Beer

Buttercup and Peppercorn thinking mom's food looks better
Root Beer wanted to give mom's food a try too

Licorice left, Peppercorn middle, and Buttercup right
Look how teeny Peppercorn is!

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